Who We Are/The Team:


At DPC, we pride ourselves on becoming an extension of our clients’ marketing departments, developing clear communications strategies across multiple platforms. We fully immerse ourselves in each client’s product line and user base, and regularly convene internally for brainstorming sessions about story ideas and other client initiatives. This fosters a close-knit, highly collaborative atmosphere that is readily reflected in all of DPC’s work.



President and Founder Debra Pagan: Following her passion as an industry editor, Debra has grown D. Pagan Communications, Inc. from a one-client operation to an internationally recognized PR agency in less than 20 years. Much of Debra’s success stems from her years of industry experience, as well as her hands-on approach with clients and the media. She strives to ensure that clients receive top notoriety, making her business personal—including frequent trips to industry events and providing direct support to clients and their respective marketing teams.